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100% of the profits from each purchase directly supports widows and orphans in Zimbabwe, Africa.

What if you lived a life that was sold out to the call of Christ regardless of the personal sacrifice? Imagine being so abandoned that fear no longer has power over the choices you make. Kamikaze will guide you though the process of complete surrender to God's purpose for your life and that of the Church. Discover a life changing encounter today.




Exclusive, insightful, and a must visionary in transitional areas...

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This book is relevant to transitional churches.

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Imagine if we truly let go of fear and allowed God to guide our lives as we should, to be sold out completely.

- Josh Windom

This book is a great motivational tool, at $3.99, everyone should have this in their collection.

- Maegan Stewart

Why should you purchase?

There are many books out there to choose from. What makes this book special? What sets this book apart from others?

Great Cause
Zimbabwe, Africa has the highest percentage of widows and orphans (1.6 million) of any nation in the world. This book provides an easy way to donate to widows and orphans in Zimbabwe. The book is only $3.99 and 100% of the proceeds go directly to their care.
Great Leadership Tool
The second half of Kamikaze is a "must read" for church leaders. Leadership in the church is the backbone of it's sustainability and its crucial that they stay strong, driven and persistent. This book will encourage all those characteristics.
Short and Sweet
You've heard the saying, "Big things come in small packages". Well, in this case, the statement is very true. This book is not a long read, however it is impactful and straight and to the point. You do not want to pass up reading this material.

Overview of Kamikaze

The first half of this book is a "must read" for every Christian and the second half is a "must read" for church leaders. All the proceeds from the sale of the book will go toward widows in Zimbabwe (the highest percentage of widows of any nation in the world) and orphans (1.6 million) in Zimbabwe. Myself, along with 5 other men, are traveling to Zimbabwe in September. Our hope is to assist the churches in ministering to these two groups. The book can be purchased through Amazon for Kindle or in the iBook store. There are links on this site that will assist you with finding what best fits your platform. Please help by getting the word out. About $3.00 from every book sold will go to one of the greatest needs in the world. Please share.

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The Testimonials

The percentage of widows in Zimbabwe is the highest of any nation in the world and the orphan situation is even more critical. We are not blindly dealing with the problem but have a clear strategy as to alleviating some of the suffering. I need everyone to aggressively share this and help us. This book will not only impact your life personally and those in need.

Chris Brewer

Great read!!! It is something every Christian needs to think about and apply to there lives. It made me think about my life.

Stan Lewis

Challenging. This small, powerful book is a much needed wake-up call for both the Church and its membership. Through his personal life stories, the author reveals a life totally abandoned to the call of Christ and challenges us, as Christians, to do the same.

Ledger Parker

Simple and Powerful. With the trappings of a down home Mississippi pastor, this experienced and well-educated author reveals great insight to American Christians and their churches. I found the author's message to be invigorating and inspiring. I attempt to live my life for Jesus each day, and was encouraged to continue doing so through this ebook.

Jon Williams

A must read. The purchase of this book is essential. The price is low and the impact it will have is great. You cannot ask for a better cause to support. This book will motivate and stir the stagnate heart of our nation and revive them in this crucial time of complacency that has settled in America's churches today.

About The Author

Former Missionary and Chaplain. Currently pastoring at Southside Baptist Church

Jeff Parker

A pastor, missionary and former US Army chaplain, Dr. Jeff Parker has spoken in churches and to Christians around the world. His leadership in a variety of settings, from the mission field of Africa to the churches of England and now to his own country uniquely qualifies him to speak to the subject of confrontation. Dr. Parker attended Mississippi State University where he received his BA, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary where he received his M. Div. and Reformed Theological Seminary where he received his D. Min.

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